Getting That Jazz Tone

14th December

Getting That Jazz Tone

The Guitar

For an authentic jazz tone, a semi-acoustic hollow body electric guitar is probably best. A Gibson ES-175 can cost thousands of dollars but there are also some good quality entry models such as Guild, Yamaha , Ibanez Artcore line of guitars and Epiphone, owned by Gibson, are designed for aspiring musicians who lack the budget for a top model. Look for a guitar which provides a clean tone with plenty of sustain.

Roll off the treble on your guitar’s controls. Jazz guitar players often like to play with a rich mellow tone.

Jazz Guitar Amplifier

Traditional jazz guitar players often use solid state amplifiers that produce a clean sound that can compliment acoustic arch-top guitars. Others prefer a slightly more distorted sound, so a tube amp might fit the bill.

Guitar Effect Pedals

A touch of reverb might be all that you need without having to get into effects in any great depth. However, many jazz guitar players today use the whole range at their disposal, chorus, overdrive, distortion and wah-wah pedals. When you are using Effects Pedals, make sure they compliment your playing style and that you still have that “clarity” in your tone. Many guitar players make the mistake of using a too intense or too many effects in their guitar tone which results in a poor quality or muddy sound.

Listen to all the recordings of all the jazz guitarists that you can. Listen closely to their sounds and try to recreate them. When you experience this enough, you will be able to develop and create your own special guitar sound. You will have a signature sound all of your own.


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Guitar Volume Pedal

6th December

Guitar Volume Pedal, Guitar Effects Pedals

Guitar Volume Pedal


Guitar volume pedals helps to control the volume of a guitar and is an important component of Guitar Effects accessories. It helps deliver many effects. Some of these pedals are stated below:

– High Gain Volume Pedal: This guitar volume pedal is able to control dynamic sounds. Batteries are not required for this gazette.

– Low impedance volume pedal: This one has a large number of effects. It can be adjusted and changed as per the requirements of the player.

– Mono Volume Pedal Junior: This is a very small volume pedal. It fits in the paddleboards very easily. It does not take much electronics and it has got two different options for volume swell.

– Volume Boost Pedal: Guitar sounds can be boosted and shaped with the help of this guitar volume pedal. This pedal has an option called turbo mood that can be enabled during the solo playing session.

– Pan Volume Pedal: This pedal helps to control the guitar’s panning signal properly.

– Volume Plus Pedal: This pedal can be used both playing lead and rhythm guitar. It has got a foot switch that helps the players to reset easily. Now, they don’t have to kneel down and reset. It saves time also.

– Mono Guitar Volume Pedal: This pedal is well build and trendy looking. The best thing about it is that it lasts for a long time.

There is another kind of guitar volume pedal that can be set between the guitar and the amplifier. This volume pedal is also worth using.

If you are a guitar volume pedal user, then you must be aware about some of the problems that can occur while using it. You can definitely take it to a repairing shop and get it repaired. But, you can fix it on your own too. You just need to know the procedure.


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