Guitar Pedals or Rack Mount Effects ?

30th November 2008

Guitar Effects Pedals or Rack Mount Guitar Effects Processors

Guitar Effects Pedals

Rack Mount Guitar Effects Processors  ???

There is a huge range of Guitar Effects available these days, both Rackmount or individual pedals, from a large number of manufacturers.  Finding the combination of Effects Pedals or Rackmount equipment takes a certain amount time in experimenting with the various units to try and obtain the sound or range of sounds that is right for you.

Many musicians still prefer the single stompbox type pedal for their individuality and good value for money.     Multi-effects units that use processors to produce and combine effects, have some advantages in that they allow the guitarist to program in the combination of effects into a “Patch” that can be saved and recalled when wanted.  The disadvantage of this is that the parameters of the effects in the patch cannot be easily altered, as can the individual Effects Pedals.  There is sometimes a sound dropout when changing patches with the multi effects units, which can be noticeable depending on the note or chord being played.

The stompbox type Guitar Effects Pedals,  are more flexible, allowing the guitarist to switch individual effects on and off when required. Many guitarists say the older analog effects pedals have a “warmer” tone.

The best way to find what works for you is experimentation.  Try out Effects Pedals or Rackmount Effects in your local music shop if you have one, or try buying them second hand to keep the cost down until you find the right combination for you.  If you buy something and decide it’s not what you want, try selling it again to reduce your costs.



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